How to save a little on Coach purchase

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  1. Sometimes, when I just can't wait for the PCE or can't shop the outlet or e-bay, I still am able to save a little on my Coach purchase by doing the rebates and reward points route. As an example, I am registered with Mr. Rebates so when I purchased a Coach bag at Nordstrom online, I got 3% rebate plus $5 standard shipping ( a little cheaper than Coach website and a lot cheaper than Macy's!). I used a credit card that had reward points and with the Coach bag price, that was a lot of reward points which I'll eventually receive as a check. Of course, these savings are small compared to the big discounts we get from the PCE but it's still savings so it won't hurt:tup: I'm sure some of you know this but thought I'd share for those who don't.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! We could all stand to save a little $$!
  3. Also worth it to buy the yearly subscription to LuckyMagazine and sign up for Lucky Rewards! They have a ton of stores, and you get a check or gift card back quarterly.
  4. Any thing you can do to save money always helps! Buying a bag you love is so exciting, but feeling like you got a good deal on a bag you love is even better!!