how to revive gucci scarves?

  1. Okay ladies. The scarve for my postiano bag is a little of the limp side. Any suggestions??
  2. Take it off and put something heavy on it? Is it silk? I'm imagining it to be wrinkly or something..or that what you mean by limp?
  3. steam it :smile:
  4. yeah..I was afraid to say something more useful because I don't want to say something that might damage the material. Me not knowing whether it is silk or not and either way not having a clue about taking care of scarves.
  5. Just take it off and bring it to the drycleaners. That will fix it up. Or should fix it up hopefully. :smile:
  6. or give it to my bf...i have a scarf weaved through my LV noe that i change ALOT and he somehow fixes it every time i take it off hehehe :smile: man i love that man!
  7. spray starch on it