How to revive dried out Mac Paint Pots or Fluidline?

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  1. I've only had it for 1 year and it's already dried out...with the product separating from the sides of the container. Is there any way, or any product, that can revive it? I'd hate to throw it out, but it's hard to apply and looks cakey on my eyelids.

    Is Mac known to have products dry this quickly?
  2. Sorry I don't have any advice about how to revive it BUT for your other paint pots and fluidlines I have advice on how to make them last longer....

    I'm not sure where I read this, (many many years ago) but heard that if you store your paint pots upside down it keeps them from drying out so soon.
    Don't know why it works but I've been doing it for YEARS and none of my paint pots have dried on me...yet.

    They are all lasting forever and are still creamy. Hope that helps for the future. I do this with my Bobbi Brown liners too and they have not dried out either so I imagine that this "upside down" trick would work on any brand liner or cream pots
  3. ^^ I agree with turning them upside down with the lid on tight.

    I am not sure there is much you can do with the ones that have dried out.
  4. I suppose you could add a face oil or something to it and mix it really well...I saw a youtube video for a dried out fluidline where the girl added a few drops of visine and mixed it well and it worked for her. I haven't tried it personally though so don't know if it worked a 100%.
    You can also google it and the youtube video or the step by step instructions in someone's blog will show up.
    Same concept *could* be applied to the paint pots with face oil instead of visine.
  5. I've asked a MAC MU before and she had no idea how to revive it. I will say, though, that you should feel thrilled if it lasted you a whole year. I have Fluidlines and a similar eyeliner by Tarte and I don't think I've ever had one last even 6 months.
  6. You can revive them by placing them in a bath of warm water. Be sure the lids are tight or place them in a ziploc bag before submerging.

    DO NOT add any fluids to the pot, this is just asking for contamination.
  7. I also store mine upside down and it really helps them last longer. Not sure about reviving a dried out one though...I think the ziploc and submerge in a warm water bath idea that DC-Cutie posted is a good one!

  8. Great tip! thanks!