How to return a bag to the shop... esp. in Europe

  1. Hi, I might want to return a denim mini pleaty I bought about a week ago at the local LV shop. There's nothing wrong with the bag, in fact I still love it :love:, I'm just not sure whether I love it on me. :hrmm:

    I know you US buyers can easily return unworn bags within 30 (?) days of purchase, but how is this handled in Europe, for example in Germany or Switzerland?

    If you *can* return unworn bags, do you get a store credit? Or do you have to make a new selection on the spot? (I would think they won't give you your money back - and rightly so).
    Well, how do you guys go about it and what has been your experience? Do you need to give a specific reason? Thanks a lot for sharing! :flowers:
  2. My LV receipt says they accept returns within 14 days of purchase. When I've returned a bag, they do give me my money back. You have a choice of getting your money back or exchanging it for something else. I'm not sure how it would work in Europe, though.
  3. Thanks Luv, on my receipt there's nothing about the possibility of returns... Hmm
  4. When I bought my Babylone, the deal was store credit or exchange within 14 days, and with the credit, it had to be used within one year.

  5. Ammietwist, are you from Europe? Was that stated on your receipt? Thanks :flowers:
  6. My mom bought a LV as a present about two weeks ago (in Munich). The SA said, one could return it within 4 weeks if it's not the right bag. But I'm not sure, if they meant return and get another one or if you'll get the money back.
  7. Thanks GerGirl. Hopefully they would take it back whether it was bought as a gift or not? :blink: Store credit or another bag would be fine by me.
  8. I'm sure they'll take it bag as long as it's unused and bought not that long ago - no matter if it was bought for yourself or someone else. Otherwise it would be a really bad customer service IMO. Good luck in finding a better bag for you :smile:
  9. :yes: Thanks! I'll call them on Tuesday and ask about their policy before I go in. Even if the mini is not the most practical bag (and I'm usually a no-nonsense person), I still think it's sooo cute! Hmm, I'm still thinking about keeping it.:rolleyes:
  10. I returned my bag within 30 days for a store credit valid for a year too. The other day SA said to me also that any LV I've bought here can be brought to LV stores anywhere in the region except for Russia, Hong Kong and Korea??? something like that...
  11. I had always thought it was 30 days in the US but all my receipts say 14 days. You get 60 days with, though, which is nice.

    Of course, if there is something wrong with it (like the stinky smell in the Mandarin Epi Speedys) then it is a defect and you can still return it after the 14 days is up. I returned mine after not quite 30 days and got a full refund for the defective bag. The SA on the 866 Vuitton number said that the bags are warranted against defects for one full year.
  12. I bought a LV messenger bag in a haste in Paris. Can I return it in Singapore boutique? I wanted to exchange for a Palermo but it is out of stock!
  13. How I know you can return the bag within 14 days and you'll not get your money back. They give you a store credit if you don't want to buy immediately something new.
  14. In Austria you have 14 days and you will recieve store credit. I checked it in February this year.
  15. can someone help me about how long can I do return in europe ?
    what do I have to say if I want to make a return?
    do I have to bring box and dust bag also with me?
    thank you