How to restore the lustre of a Coach

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  1. I inherited a vintage Coach Leather briefcase and it is not dirty (maybe dusty) it is just dull and just looks like it needs a good polishing. I have used Apple on LV and love it but it is not doing much for this Coach. wondering if any of you have ever used anything other than the Coach products?
  2. I use Apple too, but occasionally use Wilson's TLC products.
  3. Apple care!

    If it needs to be cleaned, some ladies on here have tips. Like if it is bad enough to need a bath... But it sounds like moisturizing may do the trick. If you want more detailed recommendations, post pics. Or post pics anyway! I am interested to see your vintage Coach!
  4. I am trying to copy and paste a photo from Photobucket and it is not allowing me to?
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  6. Oh nevermind! So sorry it appears I no longer know how to post a pic-thought I did!
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  8. In photobucket just copy and past the img code it gives you, hope that helps!
  9. You just had some extra crud in the code. :smile:
  10. michellejy
  11. So you see LAdies she is not dirty just looks a little lack-lustre to me
  12. I would condition her a couple of times and see how she looks. There are products you can purchase to add shine, but I am thinking a super duper conditioning may be in order.
  13. Yeah, the leather just looks really dry to me. I love Apple Conditioner. Maybe try conditioning it several times a few hours apart?
  14. I just renovated a 40+ year old bag and conditioned it 3 or 4 times, so unless you are rubbing a ton of color off, don't be afraid of conditioner!