How to respond to feedback?

  1. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I did a search and couldn't find it..sometimes I see comments under feedback (especially negative) and wonder how you do it?

    I'm not a seller and have had nothing but great experiences on eBay, but this might be about to change...

    I have just received a pair of shoes, which were advertised NIB, but has clearly been worn:yucky:

    Of course I want to return them and receive a refund and I've emailed the seller and hope this will be resolved amicably, but if it turns nasty and he leaves me a negative (ruining my perfect score, sniff..), I would like to explain why I wasn't happy, so how are you able to respond to feedback?
  2. Click on 'feeback' on the left and then go to the 'feedback forum'.
  3. Thanks, bnjj!!:yes:
  4. Just a tip.
    Before you post a non positive feedback on a seller, make sure he has already posted a positive one on you.
    Otherwise he would post a non positive one you...

    Think about it...