How to resize the image ?

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  1. Hi

    How can I resize my pic to able to upload it ( if the size of the pic is big) ?

    Thanks ,
  2. In the feedback dropbox (a forum near the bottom of the main page) there are threads about posting pics, and there may be something there to help you. If you don't find the answer, start a new thread!
  3. Sorry I can't help....but
    welcome ;)
  4. I had awful trouble posting pictures as could not make them small enough, finally put the camera setting on small which is for emails, also when you download the pictures to your computer they should be a % thing so you can srink and save the pictures to what size you want. I shrunk to 50% then could put them on the PF no problem.
  5. I use
  6. Mira, what photo editing software do you use?

    Also, boxermom is right, we have A MASSIVE thread about this, skim the current thread, there may be your answer in it:yes: