how to report ebay sellers of fake bags

  1. Thanks for posting this. :yes: :yes: Then I got this email from Eby when I reported one. Seems like they don't do much about it but rely on the manufacturer. I wish Balenciaga would jump on the Chanel bandwagon and stop these things from being sold by the hundreds.

    From Ebay:
    We will review the listing(s) you have reported for violations of our
    Replica and Counterfeit Items Policy. We often rely on members like you
    to bring such violations to our attention.

    In light of eBay's privacy policy, we cannot share with you any action
    taken by eBay with respect to this listing. If we determine that the
    listing violates this policy, we will remove the listing or suspend the
    seller. Account suspensions are usually reserved for those sellers that
    repeatedly disregard policy.

    If the item you reported does not appear on its face to violate this
    policy, we may refer it to the intellectual property rights owner for
    review. If the rights owner has a good faith belief that the item is
    infringing, they may choose to send eBay a formal request to remove the
    listing. For more information on eBay's cooperation with rights owners,
    please visit:

    eBay: Redirect

    For more information on eBay's Replica and Counterfeit Items Policy,
    please visit:

    Replica, Counterfeit Items and Unauthorized Copies

    Thank you for your report.


    The eBay Community Watch Team
  2. no powderpuff, i think they have to say that to cover their butt in case of false accusations. i have seen many listings removed after reporting them!
  3. thank you for posting the links, zeke & powedpuff...
  4. I hope so. I reported 4 today and they are still there. :cursing:
  5. I don't report anymore because may be one out of ten got pulled and it got so frustrating that i keep my energy for something that's worth it. Ebay can be a real pain in the a...
  6. I dont report anymore either. Its the buyers responsibility to be educated enough to know that NO you cannot buy a real Chloe bag for $99.00. And I have a couple of friends who seem to gravatate towards fake bags because they look so real they dont mind it and it saves them alot of money. (and then I tell them eeeuuuwww!). If the buyers are there, the sellers will be and in the long run ebay still makes big bucks...I doubt they will move very quick to pull auctions. By the time they get to reviewing it the auction has long been ended...such is life I guess.
  7. True Donna but it still does not change the fact that they are calling the bags authentic, it is fraud and a scam and Ebay is in with them since they choose to do nothing.
  8. agreed, powderpuff!

    and, i don't have any patience for those people who want to buy fakes "because they look so real they dont mind it and it saves them alot of money," they can go buy a perfectly nice and authentic coach bag and not try so hard to keep up an act. not to mention they're contributing to organized crime, child labor, and other crimes where the fakes are made.
  9. I report LVs on (dutch ebay) every day!:graucho:

    They pull the listings almost immediatly, sometimes in one day. I had a lot of fake sellers kicked of ebay, maybe they will go somewhere else, but at least people will realize how much real bags cost even used when they search for Louis Vuitton.
  10. I report ALOT and my friends do as well, we will send each other emails with numbers and go to town.
  11. I ever sold some of my bags on ebay. They are authentic but ebay pulled it out. How unlucky I am? :crybaby:
  12. Thanks Zeke! I have that as a favorite, and I report auctions all the time. I especially like to target those Asian sellers who list Nanette Lepore, etc., who list current collection clothes at $59.95 (retail is $400+) and they have them in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. Shipping is from Asia. However, the results of my reporting are mediocre at best. I'm hoping that the litigation from LV, Chanel, etc., will really take a bite out of the counterfeiter's arse. I am e-mailing LVMH and tellling them that I have repeatedly contacted Ebay about the counterfeiters, and that Ebay has not been receptive about eliminating them. I think that gives further weight to LMVH's argument that Ebay has been a receptive host to counterfeiters. Ebay has reaped profits from their counterfeit customers. I hope they do have to pay.:yes: