How to report counterfeit LV on eBay

  1. I just thought I'd make this thread for people who are wondering how to report counterfeit LV items on eBay. Firstly I think you need an eBay ID to do this. [I tried to make this as clear as possible. :sweatdrop:]

    Go to the bottom of the auction page:


    Follow these directions in that same order, then click next:


    After that, click on "E-mail us with your question or concern.".


    Last, but not least, the last step!!!

  2. Great instructions John ;)
    I'm not an expert, but I do see some really bad fake ones. Some are obvious.
  3. thank you so much
  4. good job
  5. Nice, thanks for doing this John!
    This is worthy of becoming a sticky :biggrin:
  6. thanks! very informative!
  7. You know you're good John :ninja: LOL Thanks! :flowers:
  8. Forgot to add that you can keep reporting it even after it's sold, until it's finally removed.:yes:
  9. great thread sweetie! this is great! MMmmmmmm-Wahhhhh!>>blowing kisses<<<<<:heart:

  10. some boardies on the eBay forum said that causes a slow down as far as getting the piece off auction. to report it once and be done with it. (don;t shoot the messenger, just repeating the info given to me)
  11. John,

    You are a doll! Too funny! Thank-you!
  12. THIS IS GREAT! thank you!
  13. wow!! I never thought this one!!
    coz I thought these eBay staff do patrolling these and withdraw these listing auction!!!

    so I can watch out the fake to save further new victims!!

    thanks for tip John 5

    now I can bookmark favourite this!!
  14. thanks, john! great info

    When I report items, I usually check the "fraudulent listings" subtopic (especially if the seller claims the bag to be authentic), I don't know whether I'm just imagining it, but I have the feeling that eBay (at least here in Germany) acts faster on those than it does on the copyright thing :shrugs: