How to report counterfeit LV on eBay

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
I just thought I'd make this thread for people who are wondering how to report counterfeit LV items on eBay. Firstly I think you need an eBay ID to do this. [I tried to make this as clear as possible. :sweatdrop:]

Go to the bottom of the auction page:


Follow these directions in that same order, then click next:


After that, click on "E-mail us with your question or concern.".


Last, but not least, the last step!!!

Forgot to add that you can keep reporting it even after it's sold, until it's finally removed.:yes:

some boardies on the ebay forum said that causes a slow down as far as getting the piece off auction. to report it once and be done with it. (don;t shoot the messenger, just repeating the info given to me)
wow!! I never thought this one!!
coz I thought these eBay staff do patrolling these and withdraw these listing auction!!!

so I can watch out the fake to save further new victims!!

thanks for tip John 5

now I can bookmark favourite this!!
thanks, john! great info

When I report items, I usually check the "fraudulent listings" subtopic (especially if the seller claims the bag to be authentic), I don't know whether I'm just imagining it, but I have the feeling that eBay (at least here in Germany) acts faster on those than it does on the copyright thing :shrugs: