How to report counterfeit in a store?

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  1. At my hair salon there is a little boutique with odds and ends....handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. They have knock-off bags and sometimes replicas. Today I got my haircut and went browsing in the shop and saw several fake LV bags around. They are very fake but made to look "real" in the mono-style. They are all less than $100. I can't stand that they are selling them. They also have fake Coach bags as well.

    I know there is a number you can call to report this, but I don't know where to find it. I just looked briefly on the LV site but didn't see any such number. Does anyone know how to go about reporting this place?
  2. I dont want to insult you, dont get mad but What kind of salon do you go to? Mine does not have little stores like this, it sells only hair products and some opi nail polish. I have never seen salons like this, not even great clips.
  3. I dunno what to say! But we have a salon (nail) in our mall that does the same thing. On the back wall, in a glass case, they have all fakes of everything! I could not believe it! I won't go there because they sell fake stuff!
  4. It's actually a lot more common on privately owned salons and spas. The owners are tempted by the sales and retail is a big plus for them.

    I think it's awful. I would definitely report it.
  5. I probably wouldnt bother reporting it. If someone wants to buy a bag thats obviously fake then go ahead and let them. But I wouldnt waste time trying to report them, this kind of thing happens everywhere.
  6. You need to report it to the proper authorities in your country, not the LV boutique. In Canada, it is the RCMP. If you don't know the appropriate authority, try calling your local police detachment and I'm sure they can direct you to the agency that handles fraud.
  7. I go to a place where stylists and manicurists can rent their own small salon. There are dozens of spaces inside and it is a two story building. There used to be a little coffee/muffin place and then there is this small boutique with the handbags and stuff. It just bothers me that they sell the fake stuff and people just come on in and buy it. I know there are so many places like it that my one report may not mean much but I thought I'd try! :smile:
  8. I would try calling 866-VUITTON and ask them. I bet they can get you in touch with the right people at LV.