How to repair stitching on Coach bags?

  1. I won a Miranda vintage satchel in bordeaux on eBay. It looked like it was in good condition in the photos, and the seller said it was in "great" condition.

    However, when I opened the box yesterday, I noticed that the vertical decorative stitching on the back above the zipper pocket has started to come out. I say "decorative" because it doesn't look like it's actually holding any seams together.

    I am irate at the seller. There were also scratches all over the bag, sticky stuff on the bottom, a stain on the inside that she didn't bother to clean (looked like baby spit up!!), scratches on the brass, and sand (from a beach) all over the inside of the dust cover!

    I can try to clean it up, but I'm most concerned that these stitches are going to unravel, especially if I catch the loop that's hanging out now. Has anyone else had to repair a bag in this way? I don't know how to get the loop tucked back in to the stitch hole. I'm afraid if I take it to a luggage shop they'll either damage it worse, or try to restitch the entire strand in a different color or beige thread.

    Oh, and the seller's reply was, "Go talk to Coach, what do you want? You got a $800 bag for $400," never admitting the quality of the bag was misrepresented. :tdown:

    Does anyone else have one of these bags? I was really surprised at how heavy it is!!
  2. I think you should file one of those SNAD things. It doesn't matter how low of a price you got it for because it still didn't match her description.
  3. Coach may be able to repair it... I hope you get this worked out... I'm sorry the purse was so misrepresented :sad:
  4. Oh, and if you do decide to file a SNAD or try to return it or whatever, take pics of the condition it is in and do not clean it!!! It has to be in the condition you received it in. You cannot alter it.
  5. i agree fight this! the seller is wrong if nothing comes out from that then send it to coach for repair! good luck please keep us posted
  6. Ok, reading what the seller wrote kind of P%$$&* me off. Like $400 dollars isn't a lot of money esp for something that sounds like it was totally trashed ? I would file a complaint and/or ask for at least $100 dollars refunded. The nerve of some people !
  7. you can go through eBay and say the bag was wrongly described, however you will need to send the bag back, so if you still want to keep it then don't do it. you may have to go through paypal as well saying the item was not as described so you can get your cash back (though eBay may sort out your refund)!

    hope it gets sorted out!
  8. I had a leather coach bag once and the stitching on the strap came loose. I sent the bag to coach and they repaired the bag. The bag looked like new, when I got the bag back. Goodluck? They may charge you something for the repair.