How to Remove Wrinkles from Leather??

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a leather bag that has outside magentic pockets which have wrinkled from use and look like the leather is "pushed down" (I know, hard to explain!).
    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows and tried-and-true ways to remove wrinkles from leather?
    I google'd it and I found if I set the iron on a "rayon" setting and put a piece of brown paper bag between the iron and the leather it would work, but I am so scared to try!

    Has anyone successfully removed wrinkles from their leather goods???
  2. Have you tried stuffing the pockets with tissue paper, and leaving it for a while?
  3. Maybe moisturizing the leather would work???
  4. There is no way to remove the wrinkles the won't make the leather look worse. There is a bazillion different hides out there with just as many finishes and all of them age differently. We are supposed to enjoy leather as it ages and gets softer. But if you are not that type, beware of bags that show soft cracks (wrinkles) when they are new. They become more pronounced as they age.

    Also, I have seen bags ruined from using too much moisturizer. There are leather balms on the market that are rich in emollients and oils. Too much of these will break down the leather and make them look wrinkled. Having been in retail, I have seen a lot!

  5. Is this an LP bag? If so, I had this problem with one of the sample bags they sent me a while ago and I ironed the wrinkles out using my iron. It was a black bag and no damage was done to the leather by ironing.

    Stuffing with tissue won't help because the wrinkles are too deep.

    Just set it on a low setting and use a silk scarf or something in between the iron and the bag.
  6. I've used an iron before and it has worked...just be careful.
  7. No it's not an LP, but I tired the ironing with a piece of brown paper bag between the leather and the iron. It helped a little bit, I think.
    Thanks for all the tips!
  8. ^^ Glad the ironing helped... Maybe repeat that once a day for a while and see if there is steady improvement! :tup:
  9. Thanks for the tips--I have a bag that needs to be ironed, it seems!