How to remove waterproof sunscreen from leather?

  1. My friend's toddler got waterproof sunscreen on her black leather car seats and it won't come off with water (obviously).

    Do you think Apple products or Lovin My Bags products might remove it?

    Any advice would be appreciated. :okay:
  2. Try some soap and water, even thought its waterproof you are at least supposed to be able to wash it off with a shower/bath. If that works, follow-up with a leather moisturizer.
  3. Yes, I was wondering the same thing. I am so fair that I have to use sunscreen everyday in the summer on any exposed body part!
    I am currently using my Black Leather Piper Speedy and it is now greyish/blue with sunblock all over the front of it!
    It has been pre-treated with Wilson's TLC Leather & Suede Protector, but I was nervous about cleaning it with something.

    I used soap and water on a damp cloth to get it off my own black leather car seats and it worked great, but I am nervous about the softer, more delicate leather of the bag.

  4. I use a leather cleaner/spray called Xymol, bought in the car care section at Target. I wear a lot of wpsunblock and you can see where the back of my legs have been on my black leather seat. I spray it on and clean it with a cloth.