How to remove urine stains from carpet?

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  1. My roomie has a puppy who's been having accidents in the house while we house train her ... so just wondering what you have done in the past to remove stains? TIA
  2. Nature's Miracle. You can get a bottle at most pet stores. I'm amazed at how well it works on stains, even old ones.
  3. Resolve Pet formula. (It's in a red spray bottle.) It's not always easy to find, I usually get it at Target.
  4. I just bought a Bissell Spot Bot Pet Machine.

    It works wonders. I use the manual hose to suck up the urine first, then I spray some nature's miracle. Finally, I set the bissell over the spot and press a button & it cleans it automatically.

    I have a 7 month old puppy who has accidents when she gets really excited. I've tried everything and this has worked really well so far. Yes, it's expensive, but I think it is worth it to get the smell out.

    Also I am in an apartment so it is good that it is little.

    PS: I saw it in my local Target on clearance for $90. (I ordered it online so I paid more)
  5. Thanks for the responses and ideas :smile:
  6. This. Also, it contains enzymes that make really get rid of the smell so that dogs are less likely to mark that spot again.
  7. I've tried all of the above but the best one I found for Cat urine or Dog is Out product at Walmart. Huge bottle for about $10.00. It is safe for kids and pets. I put it in my steamer and it get everything out.
  8. The best I've found is Spot Shot. It's pretty cheap and can be found at grocery stores or mass merchandisers like Target or Wal-Mart. Most importantly, it's $1 at the Dollar Tree. I tried the Oxy-Clean pet stain remover and it's mediocre by comparison.
  9. Only way we were able to was get a steam cleaner. Works miracles and it is always nice to have one around.
  10. I swear by "Simple Solution"...its a white bottle with red and blue lettering and found at PetSmart. It takes out all stains and is even safe to use on your clothing and bedding.
  11. Nature's Miracle to neutralize the smell and prevent re-peeing. Then I spray and suck it up with my Bissell Spot Bot (found next to the steam cleaners at Walmart, Target, etc)
  12. I've steaming is the best way, too
  13. In the past I had a major problem with dog urine in the carpet. I tried everything mentioned above, plus some. Nothing worked to get the smell out. I don't know if it was the type of carpet, or the type of pad, or the subfloor or what but it was awful. I finally found a suggestion to use a blacklight to find the urine spots and then saturate them with Hydrogen Peroxide. Don't soak it up, let it sit until it dries. It worked very well and got all the stinky smell out!
  14. Vinegar and hot water works pretty well but the smell of it on at the time is kinda powerful and I have read over and over to put down news paper after cleaning so the paper soaks up the smell, On how to get the stain color out not very sure everything I use just fades the stain a little.