How to remove the Fendi Kan I chain bag strap

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  1. Hi all!
    This is my first time posting. I just received my first Fendi Kan I bag. I keep seeing videos that the chain strap can be removed. But I’m struggling removing it myself and I don’t want to ruin my bag. I would like to remove the chain strap because I bought a strap you to go with it.
  2. upload_2019-1-3_13-33-14.jpeg Please help :smile:
  3. If you can lift the tip of the strap so that the gold button is no longer in the hole, then you can remove the leather portion and then thread the strap out of the metal rings attached to the bag. This may wrinkle this portion of the strap but this cannot be done without wrinkling this.
  4. Thank you!! It took so much prying to get it off that I thought it wasn’t meant to. But after several attempts and using pliers and covering the leather it wouldn’t leave marks it worked.
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  5. Good call on using something to cover the leather from the pliers.