How to remove stains from white patent leathers?

  1. Got a white patent leather bag that has black ball pen ink, lipstick marks and some other red stains. Anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of them without ruining the leather?
  2. To be honest,I think once they are in there, it's permanent. Though hopefully I'm wrong.
  3. I'm by no means an expert but I know from experience that if there are surface marks or external dirt on anything patent, you can wipe those off with a damp cloth. However, if the marks have permeated the patent, I don't think you can remove them.
  4. ^^ Yep. In my experience eucalyptus oil on a cotton wool pad will remove some marks and will lighten others, but if the stains have penetrated the finish then basically they are there to stay. It's worth a try though.
  5. Thanks. I will give that a try. Need to buy the eucalyptus oil though.

    Hope it works as stains on white bag are very obvious.
  6. Anyone has further ideas on how to remove stains from a white patent leather bag? All advices appreciated.
  7. Any more advices pls?
  8. for things like surface scuffs, glue/adhesive residue etc you can try non-acetone nail polish remover. that usually works very well in my experience... i've used it on my lv vernis bags and it works wonders. i would test it on a small spot first, just to make sure it doesn't dull any of the finish (but i never had that problem).

    however, if that doesn't work, and if it's like an ink stain or some sort of color transfer (from clothes, etc), i am 99.9% sure there is nothing you can do to get it out. sorry! because when that happens with inks/dyes is that they get *underneath* the shiny surface, so nothing you put on it will be able to take the dye out. :sad: i know it sucks, thats why patent leathers are so high-maintenance (i luv it anyways though :p)
  9. Hey sanity were you able to try any of the advise suggested? I too have the same problem and worst of all it's a Michael Kors bag I borrowed from my mom! :sad:
  10. try rubber erasor, the one used for pencil drawing. It works
  11. Good luck - this is why I don't buy light patent colors in bags or shoes.
    Ugh, I feel for you.
  12. I tried the eraser, nail polish remover, patent leather cleaners and conditioner. This is my favorite purse. I barely use it to keep it new. My red patent leather purse caused the stains on the white patent leather purse.

    Haven't tried the oil yet as I need to buy that. Any other ideas???!!??!!
  13. I am having a similar problem with a blue patent leather tote. It looks like there is a bit of ink on the outside of the bag near the center on both sides. The odd thing is it is shines on top of the color. It has been in the closet for a long time,so I really don't know what it is or how it got there. There are no marks anywhere in the bag.
  14. My 3 month old red patent leather studded purse got a 1.5 X 3 inch ink transfer on the smooth side panel. Soap and water did not remove it at all. So I wrote the Valentino customer service department for advice on how to get the stain off and they said to contact the store where I bought it. NOT IMPRESSED! For $3750. you don't get customer service?? Anyway, I read the suggestions and decided to try the Lysol disinfectant spray on a Q-tip. I saturated the Q-tip and lightly applied it to the stain. It came completely off except for a slight smear--so I reapplied on a clean Q-tip and it not only totally came off--but it didn't dull the finish or leave any residue. Very impressed!
  15. wow good to know!