how to remove photos

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  1. how to remove the photos I posted years ago and I don't want to display on this public forum any longer?
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    Were they uploaded to TPF or linked from a photo sharing site? If uploaded to TPF, go to the User Control Panel, under Edit Options, scroll down to Miscellaneous, then select Attachments. You should see a list of your uploads. Select the ones you want to remove and check the "delete selected" box.
  3. Let me know if you need any additional help. Thanks!
  4. thank you for your help MiaBorsa :flowers:
    I can see the list of my uploads but there is no box to select the ones I want to remove and I cannot see "delete selected" box.:sad:
  5. You are quite welcome. From the list of uploaded attachments, click on the small box on the far right-hand side of the list of the attachments next to the item you want to delete. Then scroll down to the bottom and you should see a box that says "Delete Selected" in the blue bar. Good luck.
  6. Is this a new feature, Megs? I always thought you couldn't remove photos if they were uploaded directly to TPF (only from your photobucket etc. account).
    I have noticed lately that the bar comes up when I manage attachments showing me how many photos I've posted or how much MBs/KB/Ram-thingamadoos I've used. Will there be a cap and will we need to remove pictures in order to upload more at some point? I ask because there are some members who post lots of pics in the celeb forums for example, and I would think they would hit their limit pretty fast.
    It's a good idea though, I like the change. :smile:
  7. TBH I need Vlad to weigh in because I always believed you couldn't remove photos, but I think Vlad added something that allows it now. I'll have him come back to share here
  8. Thanks Megs :flowers:
  9. Thank you once again for your time :flowers:

    I don't mean to be annoying but this is what my attachments list looks like, there is no small box to select :nogood:


  10. You can't delete attachments from closed thread, I am afraid. Otherwise the checkboxes should be there!
  11. mystery solved! thank you Vlad :smile:
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  13. Thank you sooo much !!!!!
  14. Hi! I want to remove a photo I posted a couple days ago. I can't find the user control panel. Sorry, but where should I find it? Greatly appreciate your help please.
  15. I can't find the edit option either. Thanks