How to remove jean transfer

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  1. Hi everyone, my sister just bought her first MbyMJ bag last week (Teri turnlock in cream) but shes concern about caring for it. She's already found a blue stain on it from her jeans. We used baby wipes on it and its a lot lighter now but is there anyway to get if completely off? I've never owned a MJ purse (but dreaming about my first Stam) so I'm not really familiar with their material and how to care for it. Does anyone have any advice for my little sis? Also do any of you ladies spray your bags with water repellent, does it matter? The bag is already so soft would she need to use a leather conditioner? What brand do you find works best? TIA!:flowers:
  2. I would definitely look into products from Apple Cleaner or Lovinmybags
  3. A lot of girls use Apple Garde products such as the cleaner and conditioner.... you may want to try the cleaner to see if it will remove the jean transfer. I think there's a website you can buy it at, and I heard that it's available at Burlington and Nordies. Good luck!
  4. Apple Guarde,That's what it's called! LOL
  5. The Apple products were on sale (20% off) yesteday and the day before -- IMO, this stuff is the best there is. It's definitely the safest to use on delicate leathers. I've tried other conditioners, and sometimes they darken the areas where I've tested them. Apple Care doesn't do that because it doesn't contain animal oils, among other things. I have not used the cleaner, but I've heard is good. If this doesn't work, you might have to take the bag to a leather cleaning/fixing professional. GL!
  6. ^ I agree, I just ordered and used the suede cleaner and lvoe it. I've had great results with the luxury leather cleaner from Lovinmybags too.
  7. Thanks everyone. I was already thinking about getting some apple stuff for my LV but I've been so scared to darken the leather. I didn't know you MJ ladies use it too! I guess I really don't have a reason to put it off any longer, off I go...