How to remove indentations in leather

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    Does anyone have a solution on how I can get these 2 indentations out of my leather handbag. I know they aren’t anything major but every time I see them they bother me lol. It’s like the other side is completely perfect while the back has these dents. I’ve tried looking online and read about using a hairdryer and that did nothing, and then I read about trying a steamer and that also did nothing any suggestions?
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  2. My rogue 25 slouches too. I don't mind it. I keep mine stuffed when not in use.
  3. It’s not that it’s slouchy, it’s still new so it’s stands perfectly upright, but It has 2 Indentations where something must have been pushed into the leather for too long you can see the dents and can feel them when you run your finger on the inside and the outside of the leather
  4. Oohhh hmmm maybe try stuffing that inside pocket?
  5. Yeah I’ll have to try that, maybe if I stuff it for a day it will eventually mold shape.
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  6. I have the same issue with my identical bag, though the crease is actually even smaller and it still bothers me! I stuffed mine immediately. I think mine was actually caused by the handles being tucked inside when it came to me.
  7. Glad I’m not alone! & yes! I think that middle indentation was also caused by the handle because if I stick the handle in, it hits exactly where that line is, and I too had it shipped to me with the handles tuck in and believe it was caused during shipping. Did stuffing work for you? Or are you still having that issue?
  8. It’s a work in progress! And honestly I know I should get over it because as soon as I use the thing that crease will likely wear out. I’ll let you know!
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  9. Using the bag will help to get the crease out. If the crease is also in the suede on the inside it will take longer and may always have a mark on the suede. Over time the outside mark on the leather should disappear.

    I’ve had success by applying leather moisturizer and using a hair dryer while massaging the leather from the inside and outside.
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