How to remove fake eyelashes?

  1. Anyone know how to remove fake eyelashes in a less painful way:confused1: ?
  2. Are you talking about strip lashes or individual lashes?

    When i use strip lashes i just pile on loads of cleanser and they just peel off, if your talking about individual lashes the glue is stronger, so u just have to wait for them to fall out as trying to remove them can be painfull and damaging to your natural lashes

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. Thank you~
    Is there any special cleanser that you use?
  4. I use a Dior face and eye make-up remover, its formulated for waterproof mascara so its quite strong but doesn't sting my eyes when i pile on loads, this is my favourite cleanser. but im sure any cleanser would work just fine :smile:
  5. i dip a qtip to my eye makeup remover (i use, lancome bi-facil) & just run it across my lash line... usually just peels off effortlessly. i think the oil breaks down the lash glue :winkiss:

    you can also use baby oil... hope that helps