How to remove creases from improper storage

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  1. Hi, i bought a preowned Palermo GM and neverfull GM monogram from the same person and both have creases due to improper storage. Apparently it was just stored in a cabinet with no bag stuffers or bag shapers for more than several years. With Michael Kors bag, we can do the trick of using a hair dryer inside the bag while straightening up the creases. Would that work for Louis Vuitton bags? Will it NOT damage the LV bag? Thanks!
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  2. Anybody? Have you tried the hair blow dryer technique? Since the canvas is made of several layers of coated plastic (pvc), if impropermy stored, it will crease. Really need help. Thanks
  3. Hmmm low heat may do it but I think if u leave it stuffed it may come out? That's what people do with their speedies that come folded up and have creases.
  4. If the creases on the bags are like loose folds, maybe they might come out after stuffing the bag and with regular use. But if these are deeply pressed creases (something like crumpled or crushed canvas from careless storage in a small space), I'm sorry OP, but I'm doubtful if they'll smoothen out completely. :sad::confused1:
    I wouldn't try the hairdryer. Wouldn't heat - even from the inside - damage the canvas coating?

    There's a thread in the LV Clubhouse on LV Rescue Club. Maybe you can post your question there, too?
  5. When I bought my NF I stuffed it and put it near a window where there was sunlight. It worked a treat. It got rid of the fold crease after 2 days. It's worth a try. Similar concept to the blow dryer but not as drastic
  6. Can you post pics?
  7. Here it is
    By the way, this is artsy.

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  8. Just using your bag will help smoothen the canvas out and when at home stuff a pillow inside. It won't take long for the creases to disappear...may a couple of days if that.
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  9. Thanks! Will try that
  10. I wouldn't necessarily say this is improper storage. I see no harm in folding a bag while storing it, afterall, this is how you would receive a speedy when it is purchased directly from the boutique. Maybe this circles back to some of the reasons I love LV. Over the years, my bags have been bumped, dropped, folded, creased and even stuffed. I love that the canvas is durable enough to bounce back and still look amazing. I think if you stuff your bag and leave it in the sun you will find that it will great in no time. I hope it works for you. Enjoy your bag!
  11. Was going to post but realized this thread is old lol
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