how to remove crayon from Fabric??

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  1. I forget that I put a crayon type eye liner pencil in my purse " I am not a plastic bag" and I notice the cap of the crayon came off by accident and left marks on my bag..

    anyway to remove it??

    I google it a bit today and ppl mentioned about using WD40.. anyone tired? I tried to wash it but only manage to remove 50% of it.. and still have lots of black dots in my bag...

    pls help
  2. Try the Tide To Go pen, it works wonders on all types of things. Might work well for that too!
  3. I hear boiling water is good for removing wax-based stains. If the bag is made of fabric (not leather) maybe it will work?
  4. I always thought you were supposed to place a sheet of wax paper over the crayon or candle wax. Then you iron (on low heat) over the wax paper. That is supposed to make the wax adher to the wax paper. I've tried it when I spilled red candle wax on a pair of white pants. It took the wax off, but there was still a faint red stain that eventually came out with several washes.
  5. I have also used waxed paper for crayon removal - it works!