How to remove an item out of Items I have to pay?

  1. Dear all,

    It sounds like a silly question but I am frustrated about this moment. I am planning to win a lot of items from the same seller before make a payment since the seller encourages this kind of habit.

    She also mentions that Item can be returned. Then I won one sweater, I love this but after considering for a while I knew It would not fit me and I sent her a msg asking for not complete the transaction. The dispute was open and closed. She relisted the item and someone else won this. Now I want to pay for all my items but she sent the total payment including this sweater. I have sent many msgs asking her to remove it but she did not reply, just sent the same total amount, like a machine. Actually, she reads all my msg since when I ask about shipping cost, she answered me very clearly.

    I'm not patient anymore but I cannot myself remove the item from my list. Can you give me some advice?

    Thank you very much,

  2. can't you remove it on paypal? it has a wee -/+ box, so id just - the amount of the sweater
  3. Thank you but it does not work. I have to wait for her answer. Fewwwwwwwwww :sad:
  4. Tell her exactly how much your total is and ask her for an invoice reflecting that amount.
    I'm pretty sure you can't do it yourself.
  5. I actually don't think the seller can fix this for you. As suggest before, there should be a little square box next to each item. Just uncheck the little box next to the sweater you are no longer purchasing. I had this problem with a buyer a week ago, she kept asking me to invoice her separately, which I did like 3 TIMES, and finally told her to uncheck the box and that took care of you. Paypal lumps it all together no matter how the seller invoices you. The problem is on the buyer's end.
  6. Thank you all, I finally solved my problem. I hit the button Pay now and tried to seperate my items like pay separately and it worked. I realize that eBay has been reorganizing their system so that everything changes funny and messy.:graucho: