How to remove a stain from a suede jacket

  1. I just noticed a stain on my very light colored tan suede blazer, other than taking it to the dry cleaners does anyone have any suggestions on how to spot clean it?
  2. You can try using either an eraser or a pumice stone, but if it doesn't work right away, don't keep messing with it because once you wear down the suede, it is gone forever.

  3. I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I came across this site earlier today and found it extremely useful.

    Toutclean - - -

    It's in French but if you're brave enough to click and slog through the (sometimes comical) English translation, there are a lot of useful tips and tricks to cleaning leather and suede clothes and bags there.

    In France I was introduced to what they call terre de sommieres, which is a fine clay powder that is an absolute miracle for greasy stains on leather and suede. You just rub a bit of the powder into the stain, wait a few hours or overnight, and when you brush it off, the stain is gone. I've used it on suede bags, shoes, and leather coats. But I'm not sure what it would be called in the US -- if it exists here at all. Still, if you're passing through France, a bit of this for a couple of euros is a great investment.