How to redeem Sephora e-certificates?????

  1. Does anyone know how to redeem e-certificates for Sephora? Regular Sephora gift cards have a proper cc type number with a pin. What I got is an electronic certificate, only good online. It just has an alphanumeric code with no pin... The problem is that at checkout, the site won't let me use that code it as a gift cert. number because there's no pin and it won't let me use it as a promotional code either :confused1:

    I googled it, but I got nothing. Should I just call their cs? Does Sephora even take phone orders? :shrugs:
  2. I found this on the Sephora website, I hope it helps:

    Oh and if it helps, I pretended I was going to order something to try and see what the process is, and when you go to checkout and get to the payment info tab, you need to scroll down below the credit card information. Underneath you will find Promotion Code, Gift Card Redemption, and ECERTIFICATE REDEMPTION. That's where you need to enter the code you were given.
  3. ^ I totally missed that before! I was trying to enter free shipping code on the left, then the certificate in the gift card spot... I didn't see the e-certificate thing over on the right :shame:

    Thanks for your help! :flowers:
  4. Anytime! Glad to be of help. :tup: