How to recycle scarves.

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  1. I found a great way to make use of small scarves I don't use. I'm sure other people have already thought of this. I think it's so cute as a belt for your kid, (if you have one). Just thought I'd share. I'm glad I'm fashionable.. passing it onto my little girl.:P

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  2. lol AW! She looks so cute! You're such a sweet Mom.
  3. very cute.
  4. That's hilarious! How adorable....cute idea! I just need a daughter now!
  5. So Cute!
  6. Great idea!
  7. Really cute. I thought you were gonna say you tie them around your purse handles. I do that sometimes.
  8. Well that too.. but i was talking about scarves you no longer use.. ;)
  9. ^^^Cool, your daughter is cute and tiny. May I ask how old? I think you mentioned once but I forgot.
  10. she's 18 month old and people say she is tall for her age. She has reeaally chubby cheeks. gotta lay off the milk shakes. haha
  11. your daughter is so adorable! it's a great idea of using the things you used to love on your little ones
  12. how cute. i wish i had a daughter to do girly stuff with.
  13. kylieReese - I have a 12 mos old. Just curious how tall your 18 mos old is? By the way - cute idea!!! I'm going to have to do that with my daughter!
  14. Hmmm good question, I should measure her tommorrow. We haven't gone to her 18 month checkup yet, it's in 2 weeks. Enjoy your daughter now, I think the 12th month is sooo nice. Kylie is already starting with the tantrems when she doesn't get what she wants.. she screams and stompes her she is running in place. I hate it. But the plus side of this age is they are so much more aware. she already tries to put on my shoes. lol
  15. Heh heh...Such a cute idea!
    I can picture her winning "Best Dressed" when she's in high school. :lol: