How to recognize an authentic Mulberry Bayswater???

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  1. Hi,

    I hope this post is in the right place! I am interested in buying a Mulberry Bayswater second hand and I am wondering how I might be able to recognize the real thing. Any tips would be helpful. For instance, in looking at these bags I notice sometimes the square label with the brass disk is on a pocket inside the bag, and sometimes it appears on the inside front of the bag. I have also noticed that some bag labels have a small "T" stamped into the label below the word "Mulberry". Does this indicate a second, or a fake? I defer to the experts!!
  2. Hi

    I have two Mulberry Darwin bags, and they are marked extensively with the logo.

    All the rivets have the tree symbol on.

    The metal clasps that attach the strap to the bag, have the tree symbol.

    The pocket lining has the tree symbol throughout.

    The seriel number is on a metal disc, just inside the bag, above the zipped pocket, and has the tree symbol on the front and the number on the back.

    I love these bags, they are timeless beauties.
  3. Thanks...this is really all really helpful!
  4. Mulberry stopped putting the serial number on the metal tag some time ago they used to do that so last few years bags will not have it.
  5. I recently got a mulberry annie. It had no serial number on the brass tag. I ended up exchanging it for another annie ( due to slight defect) and the replacement mulberry bag does have a serial number! Confused, I phoned Mulberry who said that sometimes the designers choose to put serial numbers on, and sometimes they don't and apparently it doesn't mean anything either way!!!
    (My husband got the bags from an official retailer in London)
    I stupidly bought a fake elgin off e-bay and all the hardware is stamped just like the genuine bags, it's the quality of the leather that is so obviously wrong.Also on that particular bag the mulberry logo stamped into the leather on the front buckle is a mirror image of the real logo. Trying to make a claim through e-bay to get some of my money back but so far no joy!

  6. I'm the OP on that thread, and I did end up buying that Bayswater, which is even more stunning in person. There's no serial number.
  7. This is helpful, I've also always wanted to get one cheap online but never knew how to tell the genuine from the fake...thanks for the expert tips :smile:
  8. Hi, Sorry, I should be more clear: I did end up buying that bag, and I am now wondering about. Baically, I think it looks great except for two things: the fact the label and disk is on the inside front of the bag instead of the back pocket as in many others, and a small "T" stamped on the lower right hand corner of the label. Sorry, I should have been clearer about that, I think I am just scared to learn that I could have made a mistake. Any thoughts?
  9. Ahh, I see. Honestly, the workmanship looks very good to me, and where a faker would skimp, I see genuine hardware. If it were me, I'd be happy with it. I'm not an expert, of course, but in comparison with a "live" specimen, I'd feel confident.
  10. Thanks, it's kind of you to help!
  11. Why not phone Mulberry and ask about the small 'T' on the tag. They may put your mind at rest.
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