How to receive a wire transfer?

  1. An eBay buyer wants to send an international wire transfer to purchase one of my items.

    How to receive an international wire transfer? (What info do I need to provide to her?)

    Is it safe for me as a seller and for her as a buyer?

  2. Just got a similar request so I'll be watching your thread! :smile:
  3. Just supply your buyer with:
    1. your name & address, as on your bank account
    2. Name & address of your bank
    3. your account number & the Sort code of your bank
    4. IBAN number & SWIFT code, these should be on your bank statement, if not call your bank who will give to you
    It is perfectly safe for you & for your buyer if goods are as described. If not then the buyer will find it more difficult to claim than if used paypal.
    Good luck!
  4. Never mind... I found it! :p

    A wire transfer is a transfer of money from one bank account to another. The actual transfer is done by the bank, and neither the sender nor the recipient of the money sees or touches the actual funds.

    Step One

    Contact your bank by phone or via the Internet and provide the following information: the name of the person or firm you are wiring money to, the bank's American Banking Association (ABA) routing number (which can be obtained from the recipient's bank), the recipient's account number, the address and phone number of the bank, and the name of the person to whom questions can be addressed.

    Step Two

    Determine the amount of money you wish to wire and when it needs to be in the recipient's account.

    Step Three

    Complete the transaction through your bank. Some banks allow you to initiate the transaction via the Internet, while others require you to contact them by phone or fax.

    Step Four

    Confirm that the transaction took place. Ask for a faxed or e-mailed transfer confirmation or contact the receiving bank to confirm receipt of funds.
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  8. I've received these before as payment without any problems!
  9. I love it when I get wire transfers, they're so much easier than other methods lol