how to read LV's date codes?

  1. hi girls, can i ask how to read lv's date codes? like for each line they have different code, and which year it came from?
    is there's a link that dedicated to this subject?

    thanks heaps girls :flowers:
  2. For example, my Speedy's date code is SP0053. It was made in France (the first two letters are where it was made) in May (05) in 2003 (03). The first and third number are the month, and the 2nd and 4th numbers are the year.
  3. I'm unsure of what all of the other location codes are. I know SP is France (though there's another France one, I think it's TH) and SD is made in USA.
  4. my panda is CA0094 and it's stated made in spain, so i guess that CA is for spain?
    and i got my mc carnet, it stated SR1023, made in france?
    also my wallet is TH for made in france?
  5. Where is the date code for monogram pochette twin?