How to read LV serial #'s

  1. Can someone please tell me how to read the serial numbers on the purse?? what does the first 2 letter stand for? then the 4 digit numbers?? thanks
  2. There was a discussion sometime ago about this. The first two letters stands for the location where the bag is made. As for the number, first and third number stand for the month, and second and forth stands for the year it's made. For example 0010 means it's made in Jan '00.

    there are more PF members that knows a lot about the date code than I do~ anyone can add onto mine?
  3. yeah thats correct CARE!!
  4. Just remember, vintage datecodes can have 3 numbers. I believe most of these are from the 80's and begin with an 8.
  5. Thanks for the very helpful information - now I know how old my alma really is. What do the first two letters preceding the digits stand for?
  6. The first two letters are where the bag was made.
    SD is USA, CA is Spain.
  7. So far from what I've seen... CT and SP are for bags made in France? :oh:
  8. Does anyone know what AR or MI stand for? Well I know AR and MI are made in France, but for which city do they actually stand for? The part with the date is apparently more known than those city codes:noworry:
  9. They're date codes BTW. :amuse:
  10. Thank You For The Great Info!
  11. what dose TH mean( keep in mind that mine is from the 1980's)? thanx!
  12. TH = made in France
  13. BJ = made in France, as well.
  14. Thanks for the info ladies!! One of my purses say "MB" where is that made??
  15. MB = made in France