How to read Hermes Date Stamp?

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  1. I started to be interested in Hermes and I tried to find information about this but I'm getting so confused. :confused1: I see in the purseforum date stamp reference but it's only telling me the year. I have seen like K circle which refer to 2007 at the bottom and 60A at the top. Another I have seen K circle at the top and sort of like 128A at the bottom.

    Is it not consistent where the A-Z located? It can be at the top/bottom?
    What is the other numbers mean eg 60A, 128A?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I usually get myself educated first before buying so that I know for sure what I actually get and what I really want to get.
    Thank you:biggrin:
  2. ref library has a sticky, date stamps by year. check it out!
  3. Thanks loves. I understand the alphabet signifies the year but what about the other number that is placed on the top or bottom?
    does anyone know or can give more info?
  4. Thank you purseinsanity and allanrvj.

    Does it matter where the alphabet should be ? Like top or bottom? cuz I see some on the top and some at the bottom?
  5. Can anyone please tell me what a cross inside a circle means? It's not the date stamp because there is a separate X inside circle as the date stamp.
  6. where can i find the stamp of my herbag?
  7. @into_chanel: i found the stamp on my herbag on the inside of the back flap close to the metal loop near the lock.

    hope that helps!

  8. found it! thank you :biggrin:
  9. can sombody please help me regarding stamp S as i read it means product was on sale but this stamp looks like what it would be in addition to the year stamp and craftsman stamp????? please any help will be appreciated. TIA
  10. If you post a picture, someone will help you for sure. :smile:
  11. Hi, just for my own knowledge... i notice there is 2 letters on the stamp, but only one with square around it ...

    for eg, it stamped N O , and the O have square over it.. which i assume its O year.. but what is the N doing there??

    does anyone know?

    thank you
  12. Hi!

    Anybody know what a "2 R" date stamp in a vintage Hermes indicates? Might it be 1962?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. When S is stamped slightly away all the other blind stamps it means it was sold to staff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.