How to read a BV tag

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2012
    UPDATE in post #19

    Learning is fun! Here you will learn what the mysterious numbers refer to...

    The S/S 2009, and for all of 2008 the BV authenticity tag is white, fabric and rectangular. It is approximately 1-1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch tall. The tag is sewn into the lining or into a pocket of the bag. Sometimes it is difficult to find.

    One side of the tag is printed with the Bottega Veneta logo and has the words "MADE IN ITALY" underneath.

    The reverse side of the tag (all tags) is printed with 3 lines text.
    Line two is: "this label certifies that this product is an"
    Line three is: "original trademark product of Bottega Veneta"

    Then next two lines refer to the actual item

    Line one has: Style Number / leather code / color code
    Line two has: EPEV Year of manufacture / lot number

    Because fakers would love to know what all the numbers mean, we do not disclose this list.
  2. Is this for all BV bags, men's and women's? I recently bought a men's tote and there is only the 'Bottega Veneta: Made In Italy" stitched inside.
  3. egoiste : my men totes have the information on the reverse side of the tag as described by Jburgh - just that the numbers are on 1 line instead of 2.

    jburgh : one of my coin pouch in noce, bought from the BV store in DC during the SS09 sale, does not have the BV authencity tag whereas another one in Rame has the tag. The SA explained that some items do not come with the tag. Is this correct?
  4. Yes--I have had coin purses both with and without tags and they were bought at BV stores. I haven't figured out a pattern to which have them and which don't, but there probably is a reason.
  5. In regards to the paperwork that is included with each BV item purchased, there are usually two different types. One explains the leather type, the other has a set of numbers, 1,2,3,...,9,0. Does anyone know what this represents?
  6. Are the tags different on the bags made for the outlet stores. I recently purchased a bag at one of the BV outlets. I think the bag was made especially for the outlet because I never saw it before. The tag just said Bottega Veneta.
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    More tag info on current F/W 2009 tags:

    We are seeing tags with information in English on the back. This is a one liner, simply written as "Originality Certified" above the printed numbers. evieV posted these pics to illustrate. They are a little blurry but readable. Not sure if this new format will be carried into 2010 and further.


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    I have been told by BV SAs that the last number after the date is a leather lot number.

    One word about color numbers, to confuse things a little more. Some colors have more than one number. This varies with the type of hardware used.

    Edit -Sorry, I did not answer your question correctly. The tag you mentioned is the Controllato tag which means 'checked' in Italian. It's part of the quality control system.
  9. Hi, im a newbie to BV.

    Just have a question, so if the tag says 0L00069230D010 it means year 1992?

  10. Is this the case for all BV bags? I just bought one on eBay and the tag includes the 3 lines of text mentioned above, but the two lines of numbers are missing.
  11. Hi, quick question :smile:

    Since it indicates a lot number and not a serial number, can we expect to see more than one authentic bag to have the same set of codes up to the same lot number?

    Thanks for clarifying :biggrin:
  12. I just got one recently, the tag shows something like this 0L00026xxxxxx instead of the EPEV year / lot.

    Does it mean that it's fake??
  13. It would be most helpful if you would provide a photo of the front and back side of the tag, so we can better assist you.

  14. #15 Jan 16, 2012
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    Here it is. Thanks. The front one is blurry. But I don't have the purse with me, so I can't take another pic until later tonite.

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