How to re-hydrate monogram canvas.

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  1. My aunt just gave me her old Speedy 25- from the 1970's and its in pretty good shape. The only thing I'm noticing is the canvas is starting to crack up by the zipper and the bottom corners.
    I wanted to know if anyone has ever used a conditioner on the bags?

    I called my local LV store and she said saddle soap on the leather will help, but that they dont recommend anything for the canvas.

    So then I asked my boyfriend who owns 5 luggage pieces and he said to try using Armor All (the car interior conditioner) being that its formulated for vinyl. He also works in the car industry so that may be a bias idea.

    If you have any ideas I'd love the help!!!


  2. Use "Leather Rejuvenator" from Griot's Garage ( - It's the absolute highest quality product you can use, it works amazingly on both coated canvas and leather. If this doesn't work, there really isn't any hope in repairing it. :crybaby:
  3. Armour all is awfully greasy, and stinks.
    don't put THAT on a LV bag !!!
    It is made for cars!
  4. Thanks for the req! :yes:
  5. So using leather conditioner is okay on the canvas? I think most leather conditioners use a natural oil to re-hydrate, being that the canvas is synthetic I assumed i should hydrate it with a synthetic product. I'll give it a try- thanks!
  6. if you use armor all will have to continue using it...think of it as a botox for the bag...strongly discouraged. If you want to replenish the bag...Coach sells really good leather treatment products :smile:
  7. I suggest using alcohol-free baby wipes on the canvas and leather. There is a touch of baby oil in the wipe that hydrates as well as cleans the surface.

    Then spray very lightly with Appleguard for protection. This will help hold the moisture in. Wipe off the canvas areas after about 20 minutes as it will not soak in like it will on the leather parts.

    I have done this with 2 Petite Noes, on both the leather and canvas area, and it rejuvenated the bags wonderfully.

    Good luck.