How to put the keys in the keyholder?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I don't want to force the swinging hooks in my keyholder so I didn't want to attempt it. Do they bend? I have a remote and a key that I need to get into the keyholder. TIA!!
  2. You should be fine--you do need to use a little bit of force to push the key into the hook. If you have strong nails, maybe you could try lifting the top part a little and sliding the key in?
  3. I was trying too hard not to "hurt" my keyholder so I had my husband put them on. He just jammed them on there and they weren't hurt.
  4. I agree... just jam your keys. The hooks are pretty strong
  5. Thank you so much! :sad: Too bad it's too small to hold my remote and key!
  6. ^^You can stick them both in there but when you close it you need to keep the remote hanging out. That's how I use mine.