How to prove my bag is authentic

  1. I don't know which forum I should list this question under, so sorry if I list it in the wrong place. Anyway, I have a Chanel backpack and I want to list it on ebay (along with my LV monogram mini Juliette, in case you read my other email on LV). I just did a research on ebay and I have to say all the Chanel backpacks look so fake!! Maybe some of them are real but I just can't tell. Chanel is just difficult to tell without seeing it in person. The authenticity card doesn't mean anything at all! Is there ways to prove that my Chanel is real? Please help. Thanks a lot!
  2. can you post some pictures of the bag inside and out.
  3. I will but I need to learn how to watermark the picture first. Don't seem to be able to do that....
  4. u can just write ur name on an index card and place it next to the bag. The best thing for ebay is to post tons of pics and provide a return policy regarding authenticity. also encourage them to ask u questions and be willing to answer anything they ask. good luck! and start low, cuz people on ebay may be afraid to bid too high, esp if they already doubt you. =)
  5. Thanks May3545!!