How To Protect YourSelf Against Chargebacks?

  1. I know how to protect myself now from false eBay claims, but what do you do when a buyer does a chargeback? I haven't had this happen to me yet, but just in case. It seems like a chargeback would be very one-sided? The buyer just goes to the cc and they authorize it for them, not room for dispute from you, is there?
  2. You can't completely protect yourself from chargebacks. There's always ways to get around it.

    You should always ship by a trackable method so that you'll have proof of post. Most cc companies would side with their client. So it's up to Paypal to protect you (what a joke that is!).

    If you are in the US, UK or Canada and you post only to those countries, you'll have the benefit of Paypal's seller protection. If you live outside those countries (like me) or if you post to other countries, you don't have this protection. How useful is this seller protection anyway? Better than nothing I guess...