How to Protect Your Spy.

  1. As I posted last Wednesday, I finally bought the baby fendi spy in white! However, I've been carrying it a couple of days and realized that it is already getting a bit dirty. This CANNOT happen! :cry: I love this bag and it needs to keep looking good for a long time to come. Any suggestions on how to protect the white bag from dirt and what not? Any suggestions would be very, very, very helpful!
  2. first I suggest trying MAGIC ERASER to gently clean the dirt off, and then apply APPLE GAURD to protect the leather and then apply apple gaurd conditioner to condition the leather!! Good LUCK!
  3. Ok so where do I buy magic eraser and apple gaurd? Also, applying the magic eraser won't damage the leather? Thanks so much!
  4. magic eraser u can find at any cleaning supply store, walgreens, safeway, target (for us residents).

    Apple gaurd u can purchase online, just put in 'apple guard' in the search engine.

    alot of pf'er used magic eraser on thier leather goods. Magic eraser does 'dull' the appearance on the bag and thats where the conditioner comes in!

    i only suggest magic eraser for spot cleaning!
  5. can you post a pic of your baby spy?
    i just bought the one one from bloomingdales for 936$ and it was shipped out to me today :biggrin:
  6. Sure! Just for the record I LOVE this bag!! I've been carrying it every day. What color did you get? Oh and how did you get yours so cheap? Mine was $1400.
    P1010280.JPG P1010281.JPG P1010283.JPG P1010289.JPG
  7. the friends and family discount at bloomingdales :smile:

    I should be getting it tommorrow! thanks for the pics btw
  8. which store has the baby spy?? i got the spy hobo but i think i'll like the baby spy more!
  9. I think another thread said Fashion Island Bloomie's has the baby spy but only in black/zucca...
  10. I bought the last all leather baby spy at the fashion island bloomingdales. I originally wanted the black leather/zucca, but decided to go with the all white leather one :biggrin:
  11. NikNak022, how do you find you like your baby Spy??? I am seriously considering purchasing one, but would like to know your experiences with its maintenance, cleaning, and leather care.

    Also, do you find people recognize it when you bring it out, or it is more of a subtle spy bag?? Do you find it easy to match with your wardrobe? Please let me know, I'd be thrilled to hear about your experiences.
  12. I :love: :love: :love: my baby spy!! This was my first fendi purchase as well as my first very large purchase (I have smaller LVs and an IF) so I am very, very protective over it :biggrin:. I find that the white leather is obviously more prone to scuffs and what not but that's how it would be with any white bag. I haven't actually cleaned or treated it yet, :shame:, but I am heading over to burlington coat factory today to pick up applegaurd. I've heard that it works wonderfully.
    As for it being recognized when I go out, I live in NYC. Everyone is very jaded here. I mean I could walk around with a Birkin or whatever and not many people would bat an eye. I have gotten some compliments but I wasn't expecting many. I just love how the bag makes any outfit look complete. I find that it matches with just about everything which is fantastic. I think that you should buy the bag!! I didn't go for the larger spy because I felt it would be too large for me. I am 5'1 and since I wanted the bag as a spring/summer bag the baby spy was PERFECT! I also find that it carries A LOT. Inside, it is about as large as the speedy 25. I hope this helps! Let me know what you decide!
  13. I the white baby spy, it's so adorable.
    I like it more than Honey, denim; it's definitely more beautiful than leather/zucca combo.

    NikNak022: Congrats. Glad that you are happy with it.
    ITA that all white bags need TLC.
  14. what size is the baby spy?
  15. ^^ it is about the size of a speedy 25 imo, very roomy!