How to protect your Celine Mini Luggage from Stain or Rain???


Apr 11, 2011
Dear Celine Lovers:

I have just bought the Celine Red Mini Luggage in Drummed Calf leather. Just wondering how you gals protect your bags from water, stain, or rains???



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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
If you do a search, there are several threads about caring for Celine bags. From what's been talked about recently, the drummed leather is relatively easy to care for and requires little maintenance.

While I personally don't have any experience with the new drummed leather, I do treat all of my bags with Kiwi's Super Protector.
I love it because it sprays on dry and doesn't change the color of the leather when I apply it. I've used it on all kinds of leather from cowhide to calf to lamb to suede. Never had a problem with water marks or stains of any kind!

I also use Cadillac conditioner on all my bags - which you can buy at Nordstroms. With regular use, it will act as a water/stain repellant