how to protect siggies/leather?

  1. i want to protect
    a) my leather agenda, i normally just put it in the dust bag the outlet gave me and just leave it like that in my bag :roflmfao:

    b) my apple coin purse, its white siggies, and i wanted to attach it to my MJ metallic tote that warns that color can transfer to light clothing.

    anyone know how to protect it from doing so?:sos:
  2. THe care cards it come with usually tells you how to care for it. I spray all of my designer bags with Shining Monkey or if it's all nylon/canvas, Scotchguard. It doesn't need anything though as mentioned in their care cards.
  3. yeah i got that with my wristlet and my mini skinny, but not with the above mentioned, its from an outlet.
  4. where do you get shining monkey?
  5. whenever you buy any leather, you should always moisturize it before you use it. it makes a big difference. scratches will show more noticably if you don't.

    when i bought my pleated hobo, the sa told me that, so when i got home, i did. after a month or so of heavy use, it still looks shiny and new.
  6. I always spray my bags with shining monkey too. Search on Amazon and you'll find it. The only thing I've really had trouble with is coach suede ... it gets dirty so easily!
  7. Agreed! I've seen pictures and it makes me soooo scared of using my suede bags!

  8. :crybaby::crybaby: i know i used my suede gallery tote constantly and now it looks so dingy..
  9. for suede, i use the ugg boot suede, it protects aginst dirt and scratches, and it doenst stiffen it or anything, it also helps water proof
  10. oh..I HATE the ugg stuff! But I found the coach suede kit that comes with the suede bags is great. And when you run out of the little "eraser" that comes with those....there is a good suede cleaning kit in the shoe department at Nordstroms.

    I actually use one of my coach suede cleaning kits on my uggs too! I like it MUCH better than when I used the UGG cleaner!