How to protect pointy toed shoes?

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  1. Does anyone have any tips for protecting pointy toed shoes from scuffing. I ALWAYS manage to scuff or scratch the pointy part the first time I wear new shoes. I once read that putting clear nail polish on them would help, but that would ruin the leather, wouldn't it???
    Any idea would be greatly appreciated! Save my shoes from suffering!
  2. I don't have any preventative advice... when I scuff my nice leather shoes I find that a little leather conditioner (like what I use for my bags) gets most scuffs out and helps the leather age nicely. Shoe polish can also work but I haven't had to do this yet since the conditioner works so well.
  3. Good question. I have no idea and I always seem to ruin mine... which is why I don't buy them any more.
  4. lol its really horrible, but my friend, in emergencies, carries a sharpie around when clubbing (seemingly, thats when she scuffs up her pointy toe leather most) and colors in the damaged parts.

    don't know any preventative measures either =\