How to Protect Myself As Seller In an International Transaction? WWYD?

  1. I have a handbag for sale and have been contacted thru eBay by a potential buyer in Thailand, who looks legit (she has bought from other trusted sellers that I "know") but does not have a lot of feedback (less than 10). She would like to buy my bag even though I have a statement saying I will sell to US oconfirmed only and currently have international sellers blocked. Is there any way to do this and be protected? She asked if I would ship to her friend in NJ and I said no, unless her friend did the bidding and paid, but her friend doesn't have an eBay account. Then I suggested Bidpay, but she doesn't have a Bidpay account (I'm not sure I do anymore either). Would I be protected by a checking acct transfer as opposed to a credit card Paypal payment? Other suggestions? There has been no activity on her account for several months, but in the time before that, she never engaged in too many transactions either. I think she is legit, but I want to protect myself if possible. Thanks for any input.
  2. I'd stick with your own terms of not shipping internationally
  3. No I think you should be fine, how about asking for bank transfer??
    then when the funds show up , send the item tracked and insured, and ask her to confirm her address in an e mail
    and I really dont see that there would be a problem
  4. I certainly wouldn't take Paypal for it
  5. I had the same situation with a buyer from Taiwan. I told her that since it ismy policy that I do not ship to Taiwan, I would make an exception, but only take MO. She agreed, I made sure it cleared before I sent the bag, and everything went great.

    You should be safe with MO or bank transfer. Just be sure that if you use BT don't give your bank info, and if MO, that the funds clear before sending.

    Good Luck
  6. How does a bank transfer work? Does she have to give me her information? I wouldn't want to give her my information...about how much should it cost???
  7. just make sure you ship using usps express with insurance and you should be fine. if she has good fb i'm sure it's ok. i take pp all the time for international. if you're worried maybe so western union.
  8. How does a bank transfer work? Does she have to give me her information? I wouldn't want to give her my information...about how much should it cost???

    I have never done one, but I think If you contact your bank and asked them, they can give you an account number that you give the buyer for transfer. Then they simply transfer funds from their account to the set up account at your bank. I believe there is a small fee. You would have to check with your bank about that too.

    Hopefully someone who knows more will be along soon to better answer your question.
  9. You do have to give her your information to do a bank transfer. However, the information that you give her (routing number, account number, bank name, your name) is already on your checks, so it is just as safe as writing a check. I have done a number of bank transfers on items like this with international buyers, with no problems.

    Fees you would have to ask your bank. Usually there is a fee to send and a fee to receive (for my bank, the fee to receive is $10, which is less than what Paypal would charge you). I usually set the terms that buyer pays the sending fee and I take care of the receiving fee, but that is up to you.
  10. If it makes you uncomfortable, I wouldn't do it. Paypal doesn't cover sellers for international transactions because they can't confirm their addresses. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  11. Definitely don't use Paypal.... You can use Bidpay, Western Union, or Google Checkout. None of those will allow chargebacks.

    And make sure you deliver EMS with insurance!!
  12. She said she would register for a Bidpay account. So if she does decide to buy it, I think we'll be fine. I thought Bidpay did allow chargebacks--but that they investigated first, so that they were not frivolous chargebacks? If so, it seems a better vehicle for the seller than Paypal and protects the legitimate buyer as well. Does anyone know what the rules are for sellers, if we wanted to use Bidpay instead of Paypal generally? I know we have to offer Paypal, but could we offer an incentive for using Bidpay instead?
  13. I don't think you have to accept paypal--many sellers don't.
  14. Good question, susan-eric! :yes:
    I'd like to know as well. I am planning to list some items on eBay after a long hiatus, and I would also like to migrate to Bidpay, if it won't drive a way buyers.
  15. I'd like to discontinue PayPal and go to BidPay as well but I do think it will discourage many from bidding. I know as a buyer I prefer to pay via PayPal and I think that is true for the vast majority of buyers.

    Though I have accepted PayPal from international buyers many times, on a big ticket item I'd ask for an international money order.