How to protect my miu miu bow satchel?

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  1. Hi girls, i just got my lovely bow satchel in alluminio today, after been on the waiting list! Its gorgeous leather and i love the colour, but i want to know how you girls protect the leather on it?

    I seen someone mentioned apple guard, but what solution is good for what, and how often do i use it?

    please share your ways of protecting the leather as i love my 1st miu miu bag so much!
  2. any help please? and i'm from the uk, and don't ship internationally....
  3. Bumping this because I am interested and didn't see an answer anywhere else
  4. I suggest using Applegard Leather conditioner. Perhaps you try on a small corner 1st. I recently bought a Bow satchel in distressed calf and my SA suggested using a conditioner to condition it.
  5. I generally use apple conditioner and protectant spray on all my bags, but wasn't sure if it was safe on these. I will test on a small area first. Has anyone used the applegarde or any other spray protectant with success?

  6. Pardon me, but where can I get the Appleguard Leather Conditioner?
    I just purchased a distressed calfskin bow recently too.
  7. Burlington Coat Factory.

  8. Apple Guard may be available in UK. Try calling the company to see if they have retailers in your country. There are also many companies that make leather protector sprays. Please also research the products and be sure to test.

    I just cleaned my white bow with Coach's Leather Cleaner (it's the clear stuff) before conditioning with the leather moisturizer. Si far so good. I have not experienced stains or discolorations and the leather is silky smooth.

    When in doubt, go to a reputable leather shop. My leather guy actually advised me against cleaning my pink bow with Coach products for fear of color fading. But the white bow is okay.

    Also note that leather protector can only do so much. It is powerless against liquids like red wine and juice.
  9. Have you used protector on your bow? I know it can't guard against everything, but I like to use it on all my bags just to guard from getting caught in a drizzle etc. and it seems like it keeps me from having to clean them as often. It has worked well on my others bags, but I always like to check and see if other people have used it successfully before I put it on a new bag.

  10. is appleguard leather spray ok in all colours? anyone got any experience, particularly on the talco? as i see most of the people so far are talkn about the distressed leather
  11. I don't think you need protector. Yesterday, I spilled an entire glass of diet coke on my allumino. I thought it was ruined. I wiped it off with a damp paper towel, but it was covered with huge dark areas. I was crushed, but 20 minutes, it looked perfect. I could not believe it.
  12. Has anybody used the Apple spray on a talco bow satchel? Would love to hear your views! :smile:

  13. no way!! :shocked: :wtf:
  14. Just to update, I ended up using Wilson's protectant spray which I have used on all my other bags as well on my alluminio. I did 4 coats and it has worked well since then.
  15. ^ i think i'll try that since their website's having 50% off and free shipping. thanks!