HOW TO Protect, Condition or Treat Your Chloe

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  1. April showers bring....... - um stains to my Whiskey Edith?:hrmm:

    I sure hope not. I've never waterproofed a bag before - just wondering if anyone else is going to do this - or just let the bag stain and age naturally?
  2. I obviously speak from experience and Edith stains like a MOTHER. I've never had a water spot "stain" so quickly and darkly. I do want to treat mine after that experience and have the Apple Garde kit but I've never actually used it!
  3. I was not planning to treat mine. Daisy, let us know if the spot goes away in a day or so.
  4. Has anyone used Scotch protective leather spray? I'm worried it's too heavy duty for our delicate leather PRICEY bags, but I live in Singapore and am not sure what brands they sell here to protect leather goods. :worried:
  5. I don't know either. I have a leather waterprotective spray that I use on fine leather shoes - but something about using it on my beautiful new bag freaks me out.
  6. hi all! i read in another thread that someone's Edith has gotten rained on and even got some icing on it but it hardly shows any marks. i was also wondering about water and stain proofing it. might be a good idea just to be on the safe side.
  7. Anything heavy duty that people would recommend?
  8. Read the Chloe and Rain thread - Daisy's bag is cured and there is some good info in that there.
  9. nope- those sprays make me nervous (mostly because I'm afraid I'll not use them correctly. I'm always afraid I won't apply it evenly and end up with a two toned bag!). Of course, I don't mind a spot or two- in fact I'm always a bit relieved when I get the first spot- then I no longer agonize over keeping the bag "perfect".
  10. mercer, i sort of feel the way you do. i get so nervous before spraying a bag (i have used Apple Garde but haven't gotten caught in the rain since then) and worry I will do it wrong. I also agree with you about being a bit relieved when after the first spot, scuff or scratch. the first one is the hardest and after that first one i don't worry about the bag so much anymore. the only way for a bag to stay pristine is to not use them. so what's the point to getting them if they're going to stay in their dustbags and just sit in the closet?
  11. My husband has been going on and on about how much he loves Edith - so that sealed the deal - she can stay!

    I went to a fine leather store today (with Edith in tow) and told them I wanted something to protect the leather (mainly from waterstains) - and they recommended a product.

    They said that the most important thing is that it have NO silicone in it - as that's what makes it look splattered and darkens the leather.

    I sprayed my bag (twice) and it looks perfect. Exactly the same as it did before I sprayed it - plus I feel much better about her getting a drop or two of water on her - and not freaking out that every little thing could stain her!


  12. Still be careful though! I don't actually put much store in leather sprays.

    I used to spray everything (especially suede), but then I realised that it didn't really make much difference to how vulnerable the leather was to stains and it was also giving me a false sense of security!

    In my experience, pure, clean, rain water rarely does any permanent damage to leather, you just have to be patient and let it dry out thoroughly; away from any direct heat sources (like radiators). :smile:
  13. ^^Thanks - I will.

    I never use Edith on days that even might have a hint of rain. I know I should probably just relax - but I want to keep her looking nice.
  14. I used Collonil Waterstop on my Mulberry and it worked perfectly. I don't know the Edith as mine in being shipped; but I didn't put anything on my Paddy. :unsure: I carry my LV Speedy on rainy days; nothing bothers it.
  15. Very well said and I completely agree. Nobody sprayed the cows to protect them from water before they became handbags. :weird: Poor cows. :cry:
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