How to protect B-bag?

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  1. Hi,
    I am about to buy a white bag and the leather is just like the soft leather on the b-bags. They suggested I treat it with a sealant. Have any of you done this or used anything to protect your bags? Thanks a ton!!! [​IMG]Here is the bag. Thanks also for all of you who helped me decide on the cute bag!!
  2. sorry, i put this in the wrong spot. i will do it over.
  3. Hi,
    Do any of you put any type of sealant or protection on your leather bags? I am about to buy a white moni moni and they suggested I spray it. It is close to the softness of a B-bag and I do not want to ruin it. also thanks to all of you who helped me decide which one to buy. Can't wait!! here is the bag.[​IMG]
  4. Who suggested you spray it? With what? I have never sprayed anything on my B bags and they look like brand new. I wouldn't want to put anything on it that might remove the shine that B leather has... :unsure:
  5. omg! that bag is way too cute. which one is it exactly? where can I get one myself?

    anyways, i treat my bbags with apple garde conditioner. it's very gentle. i haven't had any problems with this product at all. i've used it on all my bbags, paddy, and spy without any problems.

    i don't recommend the apple garde cleaner at all. it actually ruined the finish my whiskey paddy and made a big old mess and the reason why that bag is at the shop. i think it's just too harsh and abrasive. i've used it on one of my bbag before and it does ruin the finish.

    as far as the apple garde rain and repellant spray, i am mixed about this product. it tends to darken the leather a bit. so if that's what you are looking for, then it is a great product. i like it for my dark stuff, but i would stay away from lighter leather. it also kind of makes the leather a bit tougher, so if that's a concern stay away. i sprayed it on my ivory silverado and i think it made it a bit on the yellower side. it's fine with my rouge bbags, brown paddy, and cognac spy. so if you don't mind a yellow undertone, then spray to your heart's delight.

    what i've been doing is only using the apple garde conditioner. that's probably the safest.
  6. I always spray every leather bag with the "Aquastop" from Colonill (german brand) so it's protected. It doesn't take away the shine at all. From time to time I put leather conditioner on them that keeps them amazingly soft and prevends cracking of the leather which can appear after years of use.
  7. Colonill sounds like a laxative:shame::lol::lol:. LOL! I think there's a brand of laxatives with a similar name here in Australia in fact. Sorry guys, nothing to do with bags or anything. No offence to anyone:smile:
  8. Lots of bbag lovers just swear-swear-swear on Apple Guard.. apparently you can get it on a website.

    doesn't help me here in Australia though. *pouts*.
  9. I think the website is for Applegarde.

    Hey hellooholly! Where in the bloody hell are ya? LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist that pun from our international ad. I'm in Vic! Regarding that website, I tried to email them for an Aussie supplier but my email got returned even! So I dunno where we could get our hands on the stuff.

    I've heard that Oroton has a really good leather protector tho.
  10. Aussie Ladies, maybe one of the SA's can recommend a product.

    OT - can't believe how much of a stink these new tourist ads have created. Reminds me of the "Bugger" ads in NZ a few years back.
  11. hmmm, i've never really thought about protecting my b-bags.... ekekek, maybe i should take better care of them... thanks for the tip!
  12. I haven't sprayed any of my b-bags although I should probably spray my calcaire twiggy since it'll need the most protection. I've heard lots of rave reviews about the Apple Guard though. I have just been to lazy to order it.
  13. heyy! well, it's a whole lot better than "aussie aussie aussie!" (you know what comes next. erk.)!

    but yeah.. if i ever go o/s, i'm gonna buy a whole bunch and distribute it to aussie bbag lovers... it's just pitiful how we can't get ahold of a everyday product like that...
    but at least bbags are plentiful here now. do you remember how hard it was to get one here until just recently?
  14. Yeah it's kinda hard to find some stuff round these parts. I'm glad Balenciaga is more easily obtainable here although depending on where u shop, the price can be a bit of a jib! I like Cultstatus coz Lily at least tries to keep in line with international prices. Are you in Syd? I think Cosmo Shoes were selling their twiggies for about 2.1k?? Something ridiculous like that. But with Cultstatus, I'm buying over the the phone - can't see the bag in person. And don't even get me started on Paddies and the large range of prices diff places charge!

    Anyway, sorry for getting OT..:shame:
  15. Apple Garde!!! It doesn't take anything away from the Balenciaga - and prevents stains and water spots! :smile: it works great!