How to proof that the bag has been to Paris and back?

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  1. Hi all...I just rang Chanel Brisbane since it is coming up to 8 weeks since I dropped my bag to be repaired in Paris. The SA apologize that the bag has arrived within a week (that is what she said anyway) that no one has contacted me. She said the repair centre in Paris did not see any problem with the bag, therefore they can't fix it. I asked to see what Paris has reported back and she said she doesn't have the paperwork, that is what the repair centre said. I find that odd.
    My questions to you there a way to proof it? I am sure they would have a record of my bag being sent over to Paris?
    I bought the bag late last year, 15 series, exchanged the bag once and off course I have used it few times. So exchanging it is out of the question.
    The problem with my bag is the base is not straight so making the bag tilted to the front. The SA even agreed with me when I took it, but nothing they can do or they can't see anything wrong with it.
    If you asking me why I didn't complained to them straight away, well I did and they said each bag is unique, hand made and because I have exchanged once I could not exchange again.
    I store the bag in the dust bag, in the box sitting upright. At the end of the conversation, she went on about possibly how I have been storing the bag lying flat. I wasn't happy when she said that especially after I told her how I have been storing my bag upright in the box. But I just could not be bother having argument with her.
    Thank you.
  2. Do you think that your bag never left Brisbane? By the way, Brisbane is a very pleasant city :smile:. I would ask the SA for the Paris Repair Center's email (or phone number) and contact them directly using the claim #. Maybe one of the french forum members has the contact information for the service center in Paris...Good luck! :smile:
  3. Well I can't help to think that way because when I asked her for the report when I go there, she said she doesn't have with anything if you sent it somewhere there should be paperwork or a con note. Ok I will try that. Thanks.
  4. Can you tell me the French Forum, is it for a bag? or just for Chanel?
  5. I meant french members in this forum. If they read your thread they may be able to provide the Chanel contact information in Paris. Otherwise, you may request that information from your SA. Good luck!
  6. Thanks.