How to pronounce poitron? Colour samples?

  1. I know this is a really silly question but how do you pronounce it?
    I want to ring up the store and ask them about it, but i don't want to sound silly by saying it incorrectly!

    I was thinking it would be poy-trun?!

    Ah I have no clue, also do hermes give out colour samples, so you can see the different colours before you order, eg over the phone?

    Thank youxx
  2. Thank you kelly bag, omg I am so blonde, I meant to ask how to pronounce picotin, lol, i found it in the thread, V helpful xx
  3. They have a magnificant leather book...ask to see and feel the dfferent textures.
  4. ^ can they send you a copy, only I live 4 hours away from the nearest store =(
  5. Unfortunately you have to go to the store. My SA showed it to me the other and I suddenly felt a lot better about the purchase I made over the phone.
  6. The correct spelling is "Potiron", which is pumpkin in french.