How to pronounce it?

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  1. Well I feel pretty clueless, especially since I'm pretty good with the French and Italian designer names, but how do you pronounce this line?

    I'm pretty sure "Pelle" is said like "Pell" and not "pell-eh" or "pell-ay" but I might be wrong, and I have no idea if Linea is "Lin-AY-ah" or "LIN-ee-ah" or something else entirely?

    How do you ladies pronounce the name of this line?
  2. Bolded the correct pronunciation. ;)
  3. Very cool, thank you! :heart:
  4. ;)
  5. I'm glad to know this as well, lol. I called Nordstrom about a linea pelle bag and I definitely butchered it!!
  6. Ahh! I got Linea wrong!! :Push:
  7. 2nd b.jara. only cause i've called them and that's how they answer the phone! :smile:
  8. Thanks for posting this thread. I've been pronouncing it wrong :lol:

    (I was actually going to make this kind of thread but I kept putting it off.)