How to pronounce Chevre de Coromandel?

  1. This is a bit embarassing for me. :shame: How do you actually pronounce "Chevre de Coromandel"?
  2. Shev de Kor-row-man-dell
  3. Thanks, Greentea.
  4. Greentea I knew you would come to the always do!
  5. ^^
  6. btw Greentea..where is that thread about how to pronounce the H colors and leather? I need to "review" it. :smile: thanks!
  7. ^^ not sure. It's buried on our board somewhere. :smile:
  8. aww man..that thing deserves five star and a sticky!!!
  9. Thanks, Kristie! I just reviewed the guide. It is very helpful.
  10. you wanna know something of the SA's at the sydney boutique says "hermes" and pronounces the 'H'..........LOL!!

    like HER - hard h sound. - ha!
  11. can we stick that in the information thread? :girlsigh: pretty please:flowers::flowers:

    thanks Kristie for digging that out !:heart:
  12. no probs!! when i was 16, i called my hermes store just to hear how they pronounced it when they answered......i had to call three times to hear it right - and i hung up on them everytime!! (i was only16 *blushing*) - they must have wondered who the hell was giving them prank calls!....LOL!!.....probably thought it was a customer they knocked back for a bag.....ha, ha!!
  13. Actually, you do pronounce the "r" in chevre. It sounds somewhat like this: "shev-r-de-coro-man-dell". French is my first language. :shame:
  14. ggk84 is right - the word "chevre" (it's actually missing the "accent grave" on the first e) has the "r" pronounced. Kind of a bit of a roll on your tongue. I'm bilingual in both french and english - hope this helps!