How to pronounce "Botkier"?

  1. I get corrected no matter how I say it. I just laugh it off.
  2. That's what I was thinking! I also assume the name is French. I'm not sure if the T is pronounced though - Boo-kee-yay or Bot-kee-yay.
  3. HAHAHA I have been wondering this very same thing! I just fell in love with the Bryant and had to have it even though I had no idea how to say Botkier. But I'm special like that:roflmfao:
    I say "Bott-key-air" as well
  4. I always assumed it was bot-kee-yay. Otherwise I dunno.
  5. How about "BO - KEY - AY" ?????
    No "t" sound.....

  6. I think that's it! No "t".
  7. Yup - all them us them there Americains probally botch up them there french acceints so badly....:tup:

    I think it's no "t" as well.
    I took French for a couple of years (I'm no expert, believe me), but I don't remember a lot of that "t" sounding in the language. It's just! :nuts:
  8. That's how I say it.

    I was always taught that if there's a C, R, F or L constanant at the end of a French word you pronounce it. And you do pronouce the T, because it's in the middle of the word.
  9. Hehe, I think we should all just pick whichever one we like, and then when we're corrected, proceed to tell that person he/she is so very wrong :p
  10. I read that she's part Polish, which is where her name comes from, not French. I always pronounced it Bot-key-ay, until I called several stores and they all pronounced it Bot-Key-Air.
  11. That's cool she was born in Brooklyn. Didn't someone already call the store?
  12. I tried saying it out loud a few different times like Bot-key-ay as in Cartier, etc etc.

    To me, it still sounds best as Bott-key-air.
  13. Why bother trying to pronounce it. Just point to it and say, "I'll have that one, and please gift-wrap it." :p
    That just seems to roll off the tongue doesn't it?
  14. Ooooh, so it IS French?
    Then it's pronounced Bo-key-yay, like Jchiara said, a silent T!

    (It's definitely not Bot-key-air! It's pronounced like Cartier. I thought it was Bot-key-air too at first, but my mother studied the French language and she said that's only possible if it's spelled Botkiere.)
  15. I studied French. For many years. I still think the NY SA's pronunciation correct: Bot-key-uhr.

    But whatever. Say it however you want :shrugs: