How to pronounce "Botkier"?

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  1. I am still anxiously awaiting my new Botkier "Safari" bag. I'm embarrassed to admit, however, that I don't know how to pronounce "Botkier'. And of course I'm going to need to introduce it around once it arrives!

    Anyone know? Is it "Bought-keer" or "BO-kier" or some other pronounciation??

  2. Which language is that supposed to be? LOL Doesn't look like a French word to me, so no idea...
  3. :idea: I just called them and listened to their message. It's pronounced Bought-key-air.

    Mystery solved!
  4. I would've guessed - bot-key-yaa
  5. I have the Safari in black and i LOVE IT!!!!
    I haven't used another bag in my collection since I got it a few months ago.....:heart::heart:
  6. me too.
  7. anyone?
  8. Personally, I pronounce it


    That's just what makes sense to me. I'm not knowledgeable with the brand at all though.
  9. It's not Bott-key-air! That's only possible if it's spelled "Botkierè".
    Is Monica Botkier French? Then it's pronounced Boo-kjee.
  10. I agree with Missisa07, I'm pretty sure it is Bott-key-air.....
  11. Does someone know if Monica Botkier is French?
  12. that's how i always said it...i won't purchase a bag if i am not sure of it's proper prononciation.:nogood:
  13. I always thought it was pronounced Bot-kee-yay since Cartier is pronounce Car-tee-yay. I am assuming the name is French.
  14. I asked a SA at Neiman's, and she said it's Bot-keer. So that's how I say it.
  15. i called their store in n.y. (212) 343-2782;and it's botkier as in "bot-key-yer"